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The Court Transcription Unit consists of fourteen transcriptionists who have the primary task of recording proceedings before the ten judges and two senior judges, or other fact finders appointed by the court. This task also includes the transcription of those notes taken during the proceeding when a transcript is requested.

After the testimony is taken in the courtroom, the court transcription personnel must create a written verbatim transcript of the proceedings. This written transcript can be created upon request of the court or by any party in the case, usually to prepare for further court proceeding or to file an appeal in the case.

In order to obtain a transcript you must file a written Motion for Transcript.

Please be advised that court proceedings will not be transcribed without a court order from the Judge that handled the court proceeding, as well as payment of a per page transcription fee. Therefore, if an attorney or party is interested in a transcript of a particular court proceeding, then the attorney/party must prepare and file a written Motion for Transcript.

First, the motion must contain the case caption (i.e., name of plaintiff vs. name of defendant, along with the file number), and the title of the motion (i.e., Motion for Transcript). In addition, the body of the motion must indicate the date of the court proceeding; the type of court proceeding; the name of the Judge that handled the court proceeding; and why the attorney/party is requesting the transcript. Furthermore, the motion should be signed and dated, and your phone number should be provided next to your signature. Finally, the motion shall be filed with the Clerk of Judicial Records located in Room 122 of the courthouse, and a copy shall be filed with the Court Administrator's Office located in Room 614.

Court Administration will forward the motion to the appropriate Judge. After review, the Judge will either grant or deny the motion. If granted, the Judge will sign an order directing the Court Transcriptionist to transcribe the court proceeding and the attorney/party to pay the Court Transcriptionist. The Judge's order will be filed with the Clerk of Judicial Records, and a copy will be mailed to the attorney/party as well as the appropriate Court Transcriptionist. At this point, it will be the responsibility of the attorney/party to contact the Court Transcriptionist at the courthouse to discuss payment and receipt of the court transcript. The main phone number to the courthouse is 610-782-3000. The courthouse receptionist will answer your call. Please ask to be transferred to the specific Court Transcriptionist named in the Judge's court order.

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