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Lehigh Valley Pretrial Services, Inc.
Criminal Court Division

This agency was established in December of 1970. In March of 1984 Lehigh Valley Pretrial Services, Inc., was designated the Court Bail Agency for Lehigh County in order to provide bail supervision and bail recommendations.

The Mission of Lehigh Valley Pretrial Services, Inc. is to administer the bail system in Lehigh County as established by Local Rule of Court: to investigate and provide recommendations concerning the bail risk of defendants; to monitor defendants released on bail supervision; and to inform the Court of any breach of conditions of release. This is provided mindful of the law, due process, and the rights of defendants, but also with a firm commitment to respect the needs and concerns of the citizens of our community.


  • Interview commitments to Lehigh County Prison in lieu of bail.
  • Interview walk-in bench warrants.
  • Conduct background investigations.
  • Recommend bail reductions and bail modifications.
  • Recommend and monitor conditions of release.
  • Direct referrals that include, but are not limited to, drug/alcohol treatment, mental health treatment, education classes, and job readiness training.
  • Liaison with Courts and related offices in the criminal justice system.
  • Enforce conditions of release and LVPTS rules and regulations.
  • Notify the court if any conditions of bail are violated.
  • Notify defendants of court dates.
  • Pretrial Officers appear in court for:
    1. Bail reductions/modifications
    2. Central Court
    3. Probation Violations
    4. Bench Warrants

Conditions of Pretrial Supervision

At the time of arrest the Issuing Authority (Magisterial District Judge) or Common Pleas Judge may decide to include a condition of Pretrial Supervision with one of the following types of bail:

Release on Recognizance (ROR)

A release that requires a written agreement to appear in Court as required and to comply with all bail conditions imposed. No money or security is required for deposit.

Unsecured Bail

A release requiring a written agreement to be liable for the sum of money set as bail if a failure to appear for Court or non-compliance of bail conditions occurs. No money or security is required for deposit.

Nominal Bail

A release whereby, the cost of security can be One Dollar ($1) when the bail bond is signed, with the agreement that the designated person, organization, or bail agency must act as surety for the defendant.

10% Bail

A release requiring the posting of money or security, and an agreement to comply with all conditions of bail. The amount needed for posting is 10% of the total amount set. 70% of the 10% deposit is returned to the designated person who acted as surety for the defendant.

LVPTS supervises all 10% bails that are posted. You must report within 24 hours of release to LVPTS for an interview and supervision.

Facts you need to know:

  • Bail can be posted after the approval of a Common Pleas Judge or Magisterial District Judge, at the Clerk of Courts Criminal in the Lehigh County Courthouse, or at a Lehigh County District Court. Lehigh County Approved Bail Agencies
  • In some cases bail must be posted by a Third Party Surety, someone who will guarantee the defendant's appearance in court. If for any reason the defendant fails to appear for court the bail may be forfeited and the Third Party Surety must pay the full amount of bail to the County.
  • Once 10% bail is posted, the defendant is required to call LVPTS within 24 hours after release.
  • At full and final disposition, (at the completion of the case) 70% of the bail deposit is returned to the Third Party Surety.
    For example, if $1,000 10% bail is set the deposit is $100 to post the bail. At final disposition $70 is returned to the Third Party Surety via the mail by the Clerk of Courts of Lehigh County.
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