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Welcome to the Lehigh County Online Self Help Center.

This site provides answers to some commonly asked questions concerning legal procedures in Pennsylvania. This site does not provide legal advice. This site is designed to help you find information, work better with an attorney and represent yourself in some legal matters. The forms provided here are specific to Lehigh County. If you represent yourself, you are called a "pro se" or "self-represented" litigant.

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General Instructions For Pro Se Parties

There are complex rules of law that everyone who comes to court must follow. You must follow these rules even though you are not a lawyer because the rules exist to provide an orderly process to reach a fair conclusion. Click here

Certificate of Title for a Motor Vehicle

Petition for Certificate of Title to a Motor Vehicle is a judicial procedure involving the involuntary transfer of ownership of a vehicle by Court Order.

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Clean Slate: Petition for Limited Access

Under Pennsylvania's Clean Slate Law, a Petition for Limited Access is the process by which the criminal history record pertaining to a specific conviction is made no longer accessible to the public. The criminal histories would still be available to a limited number of entities, including law-enforcement and state licensing agencies. Only certain types of charges qualify for Limited Access.

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Expungement of Record

Expungement of Record is the process by which the record of a criminal conviction is destroyed or sealed. Only certain types of charges may be expunged.

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Filing for Child Custody

Forms and instructions for filing for child custody are available both in person and on line. Select and complete the forms you need from this website, and take them to Family Court Administration, Room 423 between 12:15 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. daily. You will be a given date and time for a mediation or conciliation conference before filing your papers with the Clerk of Judicial Records.

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Filing for Divorce

No Fault Divorce under § 3301 (c) of the Divorce Code - Mutual Consent
Section C is used when both parties want to get a divorce and both parties are available and willing to sign legal documents stating they consent or agree to end the marriage.

No Fault Divorce under § 3301 (d) of the Divorce Code - Living Separate and Apart
Section D is used when the parties have lived separateand apart for a period of at least two (2) years with the date of separation commencing prior to December 5, 2016, or one (1) year with the date of separation commencing on or after December 5, 2016. In this type of divorce, defendant's consent may not be not required.

Name Change

Name change in Pennsylvania is a judicial procedure which allows an individual to assume a name other than the name given at birth or adoption.

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Magisterial District Court

This section is intended to provide the most basic information concerning simple cases when a small claims civil lawsuit is brought to recover money totaling up to $12,000.00.

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Suspension of Operating Privilege, Denial of Driver's License or Motor Vehicle Registration

Appealing the denial or suspension of a Pennsylvania driver's license or motor vehicle registration is done by Petition at the Court of Common Pleas. This self-help section provides forms and instructions for filing such a Petition for Appeal in Lehigh County.

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The forms and instructions that are available from this website are not a substitute for professional legal advice. Court employees cannot give you legal advice or help you fill out /complete the forms. It is your responsibility to read and complete the forms and to take required steps to file and serve the documents. If you decide to use these forms in an actual action, be prepared to spend appropriate time gathering information, completing forms and following the Rules of Court. The Court assumes no responsibility for the use of these forms and accepts no liability for actions taken by using these documents, including reliance on the instructions and/or contents. To obtain legal advice and to insure the proper use of this material, you should contact a lawyer.

If you want to obtain the service of an attorney, but do not know whom to contact, you should visit the Lehigh Bar Association's Lawyer Referral Service website.

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