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Driving Under the Influence
Adult Probation & Parole Department

The charge of Driving Under the Influence requires that individuals fulfill certain requirements prior to reporting to court for sentencing. This includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Completion of a Court Reporting Network Evaluation (CRN)
  • Completion of a comprehensive drug and alcohol assessment; if required
  • Completion of house arrest orientation; if required
    • The Department provides electronic monitoring supervision for those offenders as an alternative to incarceration. Offenders may be ordered to the program as an intermediate punishment, as a condition of early release or furlough from prison, as an intermediate graduated sanction for violation of community supervision requirements, or on bail supervision
    • Offenders are monitored by a system of surveillance called global positioning. The probation officer is notified of any violations such as leave alerts. Field visits and surveillance are integral components of the program, as is random field testing.
    • While on house arrest, offenders are required to submit a weekly schedule

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Submitting your House Arrest Schedule

While on house arrest, offenders are required to submit a weekly schedule. All schedules must be submitted electronically using the link below. Schedules are due each Wednesday by 4pm. Schedules are submitted for the upcoming week and run from Monday through Sunday. Failure to submit a schedule by Wednesday at 4 pm will result in you being confined to your residence for the upcoming week. Please click on the link House Arrest Schedule to submit your house arrest schedule.

Managing your DUI after being sentenced to ARD

Once you are sentenced to the ARD Program for your DUI, your case will be supervised by the Lehigh County Adult Probation Department. You will be assigned a probation officer after sentencing. You will be required to complete your court ordered conditions related to your DUI during your term of ARD supervision. For information regarding ARD supervision, rules of the ARD program, and conditions of your case, please click on the link entitled ARD DUI Supervision requirements. This presentation will answer questions pertaining to your ARD supervision.

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